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Electronic Document Management
doesn't have to be hard.

Everdocs makes easy the storage and retrieval of information about your hardware, software and other documents.
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Keep the bills for all your equipment to not let expire a guarantee!


Store the information from your software to not waste a serial number!


Save all your documents and contracts to avoid tacit renewals!

Imagine all your receipts, your bills, your contracts, documents of your materials together and organized in one place. Automatic reminders before your due dates. This is Everdocs.

All your data available on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Add a new document just in seconds!


Storing your files and information on the Cloud securely, Everdocs uses AES 256 bits encryption.

Create labels, stick them on your hardware, and scan them using your smartphone to access information related to your products.

Like a true digital safety deposit box, access to an Electronic Document Management (EDM) simple and userfriendly for everyone!